Growing Black Holes: Accretion and mergers, 15-20 May 2022, is the seventh in a series of astrophysical conferences held in Kathmandu (Nepal). The meeting will focus on various aspects on accretion onto black holes, mergers of compact objects forming black holes, and jets formed in those systems. Emission of those systems/events in electromagnetic radiation, gravitational waves and neutrinos will be also addressed.

This conference was initially scheduled in 2020. The SOC has decided to maintain as far as possible the oral contributions as initially planned, and all speakers (invited and contributed talks) have been re-invited. In addition, we expect cancellations and there is room for additional talks.

This conference will be in memory of Sergio Colafrancesco.
Sergio has been among the conference organizers for most of the previous conference editions. He was an internationally recognized scientist, expert in cosmology and astrophysics and a Nepal lover.

Main Topics

    • Black holes of all masses
    • Compact object mergers at all scales (stellar mass & supermassive), EM and GW signatures
    • Physics of accretion, disc winds and jets – Galactic systems, IMBHs, and AGN
    • Stellar tidal disruption events (TDEs)
    • Large-scale feedback: jets and outflows
    • Galaxy – BH scaling relations
    • Collapsars: black hole formation and GRBs
    • Multimessenger astrophysics
    • Mission Highlights and upcoming missions

Important Deadlines

Conference Site

The conference will be held at the five star Hotel Radisson in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hotel is close to the Royal Palace and within walking distance to the center of the city.

Conference Fee

The conference fee will be 350 EUR (47000 NPR) (including lunches, coffee breaks, welcome reception and conference banquet, use of the hotel conference facilities and a sightseeing) if registered before the deadline of 2022.03.10. After that, late registration will only be possible, if any space is left. The fee then is 400 EUR (54000 NPR). We strongly encourage early registration.
A reduced fee of 250 EUR (33000 NPR) is foreseen for colleagues who work in SAARC countries and a further reduced fee of 200 EUR (27000 NPR) is foreseen for students (PhD, master degrees).
The companion registration fee of 80 euro (11000 NPR) includes welcome reception, conference banquet and entrance fees during the half-day excursion during the conference week.

The registration fee is to be paid in cash in Euro or in Nepal Rupees (NPR) at the beginning of the conference.

Scientific Organizing Committee
G. Beck (South Africa), K. Belczynski (Poland), M. Branchesi (Italy), M. Colpi (Italy), M. Elvis (US), A. Gopakumar (India), K. Holley-Bockelmann (US), A. Ingram (UK), S. Komossa (chair; Germany), J.-P. Lasota (France), R. Morganti (Netherlands), C. Mundell (UK), E. Palazzi (Italy), E. Pian (Italy), L. Piro (Italy), L. Rezzolla (Germany), G. Sivakoff (Canada), A. Tchekhovskoy (US), D.R. Upadhyay (Nepal), M. Trenti (Australia), A. Veledina (Finland), A. Zdziarski (Poland), S.-N. Zhang (China)

Local Organizing Committee
S. Komossa (Germany), E. Palazzi (INAF/OAS-Bologna, Italy), A. Zdziarski (chair, NCAC, Poland)