First announcement

Dear colleagues, registration is now open for our Conference on
“Growing black holes: accretion and mergers”, to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 19-24, 2020.

The focus of the conference is the multi-messenger astrophysics of accreting and merging black holes.

Main Topics:

    • Black holes of all masses
    • Physics of accretion and jets – Galactic systems, IMBHs, and AGN
    • Compact object mergers at all scales, from stellar mass to supermassive, including GW emission
    • Stellar tidal disruption events
    • Feedback: jets and outflows
    • Galaxy – BH scaling relations
    • Collapsars: black hole formation and GRBs
    • Multimessenger astrophysics
    • Mission Highlights and upcoming missions

Important Deadlines

The conference will be held at the Hotel Radisson in Kathmandu. This five-star hotel is located within walking distance to the heart of the city, the Royal Palace, the historic Durbar Square and several other temples and historic sites. We have managed to secure a conference room rate, starting at 143 USD/night (including all taxes), if booking is made before March 1, 2020 . Alternatively, a variety of other hotels at all rates is available in Kathmandu. Given the very low overall price level in Nepal, attending this conference will be rather inexpensive.

We strongly recommend booking flights to Kathmandu early, as prices are expected to rise significantly the months just before the conference.
For instance, at the time of writing (Sept 1, 2019), flights to Kathmandu start from 750-900 Euro (Frankfurt, with Etihad/Emirates/Singapur/LH airlines), 850 Euro (Washington DC, with Etihad & Emirates), 800 Euro from LA with Turkish or China Southern Airlines, 600-750 Euro (Sydney, with China Eastern or Cathay Pacific), 1000 Euro (Mexico City with China Southern), 500 Euro (Moscow, with flydubai or Etihad), and 400 Euro (Beijing, with China Southern). This is just to give a few examples.

Conference Fee
The conference fee will be 350 EUR (including lunches, coffee breaks, welcome reception and conference banquet, use of the hotel conference facilities and a sightseeing) if registered before the deadline of 2020.01.01. After that, late registration will only be possible, if any space is left. The fee then is 400 EUR. We strongly encourage early registration and flight booking.
A reduced fee of 250 EUR is foreseen for colleagues who work in SAARC countries and a further reduced fee of 200 EUR is foreseen for students (PhD, master degrees).

Please note, that no financial support is available for participants.